Beware of Deception Burglaries

ImageDeception Burglary– a burglary committed by a person(s) that gains entry to the home by posing as an employee of a particular company. This impersonation includes but is not limited to, utility companies, delivery companies and construction companies such as plumbing or electrical contractors. A common explanation is “A pipe broke down the block and we have to check the water”, once inside the perpetrator(s) manipulate and distract a victim in order to obtain their valuables.

  • Don’t Become A Victim, Don’t Let them In
  • Verify The request by calling 311 for DEP water company issues
  • To verify Con Edison call 1-800-752-6633
  • Don’t hesitate to call 911

These crimes are often targeted at elderly victims during normal business hours (9am-5pm) making them less likely to question the situation.

The Crime Prevention Section would like to share the following information to help avoid you becoming a victim of a deception burglary:

If someone comes to your door offering work inside your home and you were never contacted in advance or requested such work:

  • Do not open the door
  • Stay inside your home
  • Verify his/her I.D. through the view finder
  • Contact the company to verify employee’s I.D. (company numbers could be looked up via internet or on your bill)
  • Keep a list of utility companies phone numbers in a convenient location
  • Do not invite anyone into your home while you verify a “work order” and person at your door
  • If you can’t verify the I.D. ,you feel unsafe or suspect criminal activity call 911 immediately

REMEMBER to NEVER give out financial information, especially…your social security number, credit card information or bank account information.

Attend one of your local precinct community council meetings, for more tips.

  • 6th Precinct – 233 West 10 Street– (212) 741-4811
  • 7th Precinct- 19 1/2 Pitt Street- (212) 477-7311
  • 9th Precinct- 321 East 5 Street- (212) 477-7811
  • 13th Precinct- 230 East 21st Street- (212) 477-7411
  • Midtown So. Pct- 357 West 35th Street- (212) 239-9811
  • PSA 4(Housing)- 130 Avenue C- (212) 375-9360  

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