The Hate Crimes Must End Now:

The spate of attacks against LGBT New Yorkers is unacceptable and must end now. Targeting individuals because of their actual or perceived sexual orientation is not only a crime but it is an unconscionable and inhumane act. We are shocked and angry to learn that on Monday May 20th2013, just hours after we marched with thousands of people through Greenwich Village to stand up against hate crimes, three New Yorkers were attacked in two separate incidents on the streets simply because they were perceived to be gay. We thank the NYPD and the Hate Crimes Task Force for their swift action to bring the perpetrators to justice and I hope that the rest of us will take all of these stories to heart, and search our hearts to find the compassion, understanding and respect for others that resides within us all. We will not retreat in fear. New Yorkers are galvanized and determined to stand up in the face of hatred to take action.

~Rosie Mendez, Councilwoman for District 2Image


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