Let’s Landmark Old Tammany Hall: Rosie Offers Testimony at LPC

Today, Rosie proudly offered testimony—at the Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC)—in strong and substantial support of the designation of the old Tammany Hall (located at 100-102 East 17th Street) as an Individual Landmark.

Rosie’s testimony noted that the building is a compelling and unique marriage of distinctive architectural design elements and a deep history of New York political advocacy, workers’ rights and social movement roots.  Not only did the building serve as the Democratic Party headquarters during the Presidential run of Governor Al Smith but it was later home to the International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union, an association of singular importance in the history of this City and of organizing and advocacy movements the world over.

Her testimony read, in part:

“Today is an exceptionally important day that is well over three decades in the making.  Due to the tireless and unstinting efforts of pioneering groups such as the Union Square Community Coalition, the conversation surrounding the prospective designation of this building as a Landmark has grown and manifested into the groundswell of community support that presently exists today.  Based upon a number of clear and compelling factors, including the manifest architectural and social history embodied in this building, I strongly request that the LPC act on this application without delay and preserve this wonderfully unique and historically significant building.”  

 At the LPC hearing, a spectrum of advocates, residents and elected officials led a resounding chorus of steadfast support for timely designation, which included testimony from:  State Senator Liz Krueger, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, Assembly Member Richard N. Gottfried, Manhattan Community Board 5, the Union Square Community Coalition, Gramercy Neighborhood Associates, the Historic Districts Council, the New York Landmarks Conservancy and former Council Member Carol Greitzer.

Conclusively, the LPC kept the public hearing open and did not take a vote on designation today.  However, it is likely that they will bring the item back on a future agenda some time in 2013 and call it up for a vote.

If you are interested in expressing support for this proposal, you may do so by writing: 

Hon. Robert Tierney
Chair, NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission
One Centre Street, 9th Floor
New York, NY 10007
e-mail: rtierney@lpc.nyc.gov
fax: (212) 669-7960 or (212) 669-7955


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