City Council Passes Intro 1079 & Intro 1080

Courtesy of William Alatriste
Councilman Jumaane D. Williams, District 45 Brooklyn

Last night, the City Council passed the “Community Safety Act,” consisting of two landmark bills that Rosie was a proud Co-Prime Sponsor of:  Intro 1079, which establishes an Inspector General within the Department of Investigation, passed by a vote of 40-11 and Intro 1080, which creates the first enforceable bias-based profiling ban in New York City, was voted through by a 34-17 margin.

“These two bills are carefully crafted, common sense responses that are born out of decades of innumerable, community-wide examples that indicate two things:  the NYPD needs independent, proactive oversight and bias-based profiling—especially in the form of stop, question and frisk—is simply unacceptable.  These initiatives are a necessary step not only in holding the NYPD accountable to reasonable standards but can be helpful in terms of building a substantive bridge between the police and our shared communities.” ~Rosie Mendez, Council District 2~


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