Rosie Offers Joint Testimony on NYCHA Infill, With Council Members Mark-Viverito and Chin

Rosie’s testimony read, in part:

We must recognize that public housing is a public good—like a park, a bike lane, a subway car, health care and social security—and invest in it accordingly.

It is time for the City and State to step back up to the plate and support NYCHA, as they do other types of affordable housing—financially, through a network of generous tax breaks, incentives, abatements, caps and other similar mechanisms.  We must always remember that public housing is the cornerstone of affordable housing and the largest stock of affordable housing in our city is NYCHA. 

Asking the City and State for help in a time of need—to preserve public housing—is a plan that is more sound than eradicating open space, playgrounds and community facilities—in the name of erecting primarily market rate housing on NYCHA land. 

In the recent FY 2014 budget negotiations, we partnered with the City to save Senior and Community Centers, as well as jobs.  This is a model we can employ going forward to save NYCHA, one step at a time.  


For more information on the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) FY 2014 Draft Annual Plan Public Hearing, read DNAInfo’s article: 


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