Become a New York City Lifeguard

Become a New York City Lifeguard

Qualifying Test Dates and Times Available

NYC Parks is looking for qualified individuals with strong swimming skills to continue the tradition of keeping New York City’s highly visited beaches and pools some of the safest in the world.

Qualifying test dates and times to become a New York City lifeguard are now available on our website.  Testing locations can be found throughout the five boroughs. Find a qualifying test location.

Working as a lifeguard is an important job that carries with it a high level of responsibility, a commitment to public service and offers a unique sense of fulfillment and accomplishment. Becoming a lifeguard is no easy task, but it is one of the best and most rewarding jobs in New York City!

First-year lifeguards earn a minimum of $13.57 an hour, working 48 hours each week for a weekly salary of over $650.00.

New York City’s 8 beaches are open from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day, and the 55 outdoor pools are open from late June through Labor Day.

You must take the qualifying test for the Municipal Lifeguard Training Program being offered from December through mid-January.

There is no need for an appointment; just be sure to bring a bathing suit, towel and lock for a locker.

If you have any questions, please visit Lifeguard Information page, or email us at


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