Highlights: Success Academy Press Conference & Community Forum!

On Thursday January 8th 2015, Councilwoman Rosie Mendez was joined by Assemblymember Deborah Glick, Community Education Council District 1 President Lisa Donlan, parents and community members to share frustration over the cancellation of a long awaited hearing to discuss Success Academy’s request to site a school in Community School District 1 (CSD1).

With close to 300 attendees and 30 testimonies from parents, teachers, principals and Elected Officials the message to the Department of Education was clear, ‘No Success Academy in School District 1.

For some background on the issue:

On October 9th, 2014 the SUNY Charter School Institute (CSI) Board of Trustees voted to approve a charter school for Community School District 2. Without notification Success Academy sent a letter to the SUNY Charter School Institute Board of Trustees requesting change of location from Community School District 2 to Community School District 1 and / or District 6. Councilmembers Mendez and Chin called on The SUNY CSI Board of Trustees to address the lack of transparency and community-involvement in the current charter authorization process, by at minimum granting a hearing for District 1, even though the switch is considered a “non-material change” to the approved charter for CSD1. The Department of Education announced there would be a public hearing so that the community could voice concerns and make comments regarding Success Academy’s application, however then cancelled the hearing because “DOE would not site in School District 1.” To date, Success Academy has not withdrawn their application.



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