Rosie’s Statement re: East Houston Rezoning


For Immediate Release

September 9th, 2016

“The application to rezone Houston Street to add a commercial overlay in my district did not move forward at the City Council. While a vote was scheduled to take place on September 8th, I did not feel that moving forward with the proposed commercial overlay was in the best interests of the community and the applicant withdrew their application. In 2008, my office worked closely with Community Board 3, the Department of City Planning, advocacy groups, residents, and businesses to address out-of-scale development happening across the Lower East Side and East Village. The selection of residential contextual districts was done in a purposeful manner which would allow for new development but protected the residential character of the community. The planning efforts completed in 2008 was the community’s self-determination for its future. It was the result of a transparent process that involved comprehensive thinking about the entire area. Continuing that tradition, the community board, and my staff evaluated the change in zoning and felt that only community facility or residential uses are the most appropriate uses in this area. In addition, the significant interest of area community facility providers leads me to believe that there is a high demand for the community facility space that will be offered at 255 East Houston Street. I remain open to helping to place 4,000 square feet of a non-profit or community oriented community facility at the location.”


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