Rosie’s FY18 Budget Process

To whom it may concern:

Each year as part of the City’s budget process, I have the privilege of granting awards to many of the  non-profit community based organizations that provide services directly in Council District 2. I will be making my last and final budget allocations as my work in this legislative term comes to an end. Please read this letter in its entirety as it will provide you all the information you need to seek funding support from my office.



  • Discretionary Funding

The City Council Expense application will be available and must be submitted centrally on-line at the City Council website.  The application will go live on January 3, 2017 and it will be available on-line until end of business day on February 21, 2017. If your organization would like to be considered to receive a grant from my discretionary funds, you MUST select my name in the appropriate box on the electronic form. No paperwork should be sent to my office. I will be notified of your application internally. You must submit your application before 5:00 p.m.  since the application will be removed from the website after close of business on February 21, 2016.

  • City Council Initiatives

The City Council application also allows you to select to be considered for current and potentially new City Council initiatives. If your organization would like to be consider for an initiative, please make sure to select those boxes as well. Many of the initiatives are designated post adoption of the budget, but the Council will require a decision about eligibility prior to the designation of the funds. We will reach out to groups that indicated interest in the Council’s application when the time arrives.

  • Cultural Funds

If you are interested in receiving arts and cultural funding via the City Council, including Cultural Initiative funds (CASA, Su-Casa, Cultural Immigrant Initiative, etc.) then in order to be considered you must apply for DCLA Cultural Development Funds.  Your organization will not be eligible to apply for any cultural funds if you do not submit you’re an application to the DCLA Cultural Development Funds. The application will be available in the DCLA website from January 5, 2017 to February 6, 2017.

Please follow the directions on the City Council website, which describes fully how to apply and what groups are eligible. You will be asked to submit by mail certain paper attachments to your application, but these also will only be submitted to the NYC Council Finance Division and by the same due date. I encourage you to make and retain a copy of all materials submitted. If your organization will be applying for funds that will amount to $10,000 or more, you will need to submit an HHS Accelerator Prequalification Application and complete a capacity building training. The training is needed every three years.

Awards are administered through contracts with city agencies that will require a considerable amount of paper work before any money will be disbursed. Grants are generally provided on a reimbursement basis. An organization is eligible for these funds if it has:

  • a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit status;
  • a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN); and
  • is registered with the NYS Attorney General’s Charities Bureau or is exempt from registering.

Please be advised that I will not be able to fund all of the worthy groups that apply, and that the typical award rarely exceeds $3,500. I will prioritize funding to organizations which operate programs directly in Council District 2 and/or which largely serve minority groups, low-income individuals, and the LGBT community.



If you are seeking funds for capital improvements to land or buildings in Fiscal Year 2018, there is a different application process for limited amounts of such funds. Capital funding may be used for purposes such as physical improvements to city-owned property, technology upgrades for schools, or in very restricted cases for properties owned by not-for-profit organizations. If you wish to apply for this type of funding, you should read the instructions on the Capital Funding page of the City Council website The Fiscal Year 2018 application was launched on-line on December 14, 2016 and will be removed by close of business day on March 24, 2017.

If you are seeking joint funding of a capital project from both the Borough President and my office, or DCLA and my office, you will need to complete your application by February 14, 2017.  Please take a moment to review the general OMB capital eligibility guidelines and DCLA cultural capital projects eligibility criteria prior to submitting your application.

Please do not fill out or submit the form for capital funding until you have contacted Vanessa Díaz-López of my office at to alert us to your request.



Every year Borough Delegations are able to allocate a small amount of expense funds to organizations. The Manhattan Delegation requires groups to complete a supplementary form in order to be considered. A separate email will be sent to organizations when the form is available.

In addition, the Borough Delegations are provided a list of capital requests in their borough whereby each delegation submits a priority list of capital funding for their borough.


The various Caucuses (Black, Latino & Asian Caucus, Women’s Caucus, LGBT Caucus, etc.) submit a priority list to the Speaker for consideration of discretionary and capital funding.  You must contact each Caucus to determine whether they will have a supplemental form or not.


If you are interested in seeking support for Speaker expense and capital funds, please send us a letter with your request. I will be submitting a list of groups as oppose to individual letters.


If you wish to secure a meeting with my office to discuss funding allocations, please fill out the following supplementary form: Once your request has been submitted it will take some time for us to follow up with you as we receive many requests. Please feel free to follow up with John Blasco via the if you have not heard back by the 3rd week in January.

For questions and further information pertaining to budget matters, please reach out to Vanessa Díaz-López at I thank you for the work that you do to improve the lives of people in my district and in New York City. It has been an honor to work with you and your organization to make this City more compassionate and effective.



Rosie Mendez

City Councilwoman


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