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The Councilwoman has staff to help constituents with everyday problems, whether it’s a NYCHA transfer or a noisy bar. If you would like assistance from our office, please call 212-677-1077 for an intake. Your case will be assigned to the appropriate staff member, who will then contact you directly for assistance.

Sign Up for Monthly Updates: Interested in receiving monthly email updates from Councilwoman Mendez? Send an email to with the subject “Add to E-Newsletter”. In the details please provide us with your name and full home address.


2 thoughts on “Contact Rosie

  1. Hello Council Woman. We met a few months ago at the Third Street Music School Settlement Building opening. What a wonderful evening. I have been meaning to reach out to you to see how I can better help my community. I would would still like to speak with you about how I can offer help.
    I am writing you because I need your help. My apartment building had a recent fire a few weeks ago. 60 East 9th Street. Many of the residents have been displaced and we have limited access to remove and save our personal items. The building management company and board have been very unresponsive and limited in giving information. Our personal items are being destroyed by mold, and our insurance companies have not had adequate time to access our contents. Would you be available to speak with the affected residents and reach out to Rose Associates for answers?
    Thank you for any help that you can offer.

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